Qm – QM Mark Certification

The Marche Region has awarded the QM Mark Certification to Covalm.

This mark was created to essentially guarantee three things: quality, traceability and completeness of the information.

Meeting QM’s quality standards means ensuring strict adherence to the production regulations and to all product checks.

Traceability certifies the transparency of the entire production process and of all the players involved, following the product’s history, step after step. The QM (Qualità Marche) mark also means completeness of information: each product that bears this mark is full of information, which can be found on the label and on the Internet.

The product of this ranged with the QM mark are:

  • Fresh Peas (750 g bags);
  • First-Fruit Peas (600 g bags);
  • Spinach Leaves Cubes (1 kg bags);
  • Extra-Fine Green Beans (750 g bags);

From the fields to your dishes.
All of the goodness of our vegetables in your freezer

From the field to the table is not just a motto; for us, it’s reality. We follow the progress of all products, from the choice of land, to sowing, harvesting, processing, packaging and through to retail.

The members of the consortium need to abide by a detailed procedure for farming, as approved by the company. Our technical staff is appointed to supervise the whole production process.

Fresh vegetables, carefully grown in compliance with our regulations are all regionally sourced, meaning that fresh produce can be processed quickly to guarantee preservation of all of the taste, flavour and natural properties for healthy, wholesome products. Our computer systems make it possible to track and trace all of our frozen vegetables, transparently and safely, from the fields to the freezer counter.